Fellows 2013-14

Senior Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Nicholas Guyatt (York)
Non-white citizenship and the origins of ‘Separate but Equal’

Visiting Fellow

The Hon. Jamie Rubin
20th century American foreign policy and the politics of war

Junior Research Fellows

Dr Ursula Hackett
RAI-Nuffield-DPIR Junior Research Fellow in American Politics

Dr Sebastian Page
RAI-Queen’s Junior Research Fellow in American History

RAI-Duke Exchange Fellow

Prof Bruce Kuniholm Hilary Term
American foreign policy in the Near and Middle East

Postdoctoral Visiting Research Fellows

Dr Christopher Moran (Warwick) Michaelmas & Hilary Terms
US national security, foreign policy and intelligence services

Dr Kate Williams (Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) Trinity Term
Transnational American social movements in the 20th century

Associate Visiting Research Fellows

Dr Tom Packer (London)
American conservatism in the second half of the 20th century

Prof Sarah Rivett (Princeton)
Early American and transatlantic literature and culture

Vacation Visiting Research Fellows

Prof Ann Schofield (Kansas)
US women’s history

Bob Schuettinger
Foreign perceptions of American democracy and government in the 19th century

Supernumerary Research and Teaching Fellows

Dr Sally Bayley (Oxford)
American space and place; Sylvia Plath

Prof Martin Halliwell (Leicester)
20th century and contemporary American literature

Prof Michael Heale (Lancaster)
19th and 20th century American history

Mr Martin Hitchcock (University College School, London)
English and American literature, and schools outreach

Dr Mara Keire (Oxford)
Cultural, intellectual and legal history of late 19th and early 20th century America

Dr Donald Ratcliffe (Oxford)
US grassroots and national politics between 1789 and 1850

Prof David Turley (Kent)
African-American intellectuals; anti-slavery