Current fellows

Visiting Professors

Professor Alan Taylor (Virginia)
Harold Vyvyan Harmsworth Visiting Professor of American History

Professor Sidney M. Milkis (Virginia)
John G. Winant Visiting Professor of American Government

Senior Visiting Research Fellows

Professor Peter Quint (Maryland) (Michaelmas Term)
Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Professor Vincent Sherry (Washington) (Trinity Term)
Literary history of World War II

Junior Research Fellows

Dr Alice Kelly (Oxford)
The Rt. Hon. Vere Sidney Tudor Harmsworth Postdoctoral Research Fellow on the History of the United States and World War One

Dr Robert Schub (Oxford)
Rivington and Joan Winant Postdoctoral Research Fellow in U.S. Foreign Policy

Research Associate

Dr Patrick Andelic (Oxford)
US voters overseas; US liberalism and the 20th century Democratic Party

Postdoctoral Visiting Research Fellows

Dr Mandy Izadi (Oxford)
Native American and African American history

Richard Johnson (Oxford) (Hilary/Trinity Term)
Barack Obama’s Rhetorical Interventions on Race

Dr Rachel Malkin (Oxford)
20th-21st century American poetry and prose, modernism, 20th century intellectual history

Dr Spencer Morrison (Alberta) (Hilary Term)
American literature and the Cold War

Dr Gregory Phipps (McGill) (Michaelmas Term)
Harlem Renaissance

Daniel Robinson (Cambridge) (Hilary/Trinity Term)
British foreign policy and Colonial North America

Associate Visiting Research Fellows

Professor Anna Despotopoulou (Athens)
Women, US citizenship, and collective memory in the work of Henry James

Dr Tamson Pietsch (Sydney)
History and politics of higher education, empire, internationalism, history of ideas

Vacation Visiting Research Fellows

Dr Catherine Armstrong (Loughborough)
US perceptions of global slavery in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries

Dr Tara Bergin (Newcastle)
Poetry, translation, and the creative mind. The influence of translation on creativity.

Dr Christian Muller (University of Nottingham Ningbo, China)
The Politics of Expertise – The Invention of Modern Internationalism and the Rise of Global Civil Society, 1840-1914.

Supernumerary Research and Teaching Fellows

Dr Sally Bayley (Oxford)
American space and place; Sylvia Plath

Jurrit Daalder (Oxford)

Prof Michael Heale (Lancaster)
19th and 20th century American history

Dr Mara Keire (Oxford)
Cultural, intellectual and legal history of late 19th and early 20th century America

Dr Paul Kerry (Oxford)
18th and 19th C. transatlantic intellectual and diplomatic history

Dr Tom Packer (London)
American conservatism in the second half of the 20th century

Dr Donald Ratcliffe (Oxford)
US grassroots and national politics between 1789 and 1850

Dr Tessa Roynon (Oxford)
Modern American literature, anglophone literature of the African diaspora, Classical Reception studies

Dr Courtney Traub (Oxford)
"Romanticising crisis" in contemporary experimental texts from American authors

Prof David Turley (Kent)
African-American intellectuals; anti-slavery

Nomadic Empires Project

Dr Julien Cooper (Oxford)

Dr Marie Favereau (Oxford)
Eurasian steppe empires

Dr Bryan Miller (Oxford)
East Asian steppe empires

Dr Maya Petrovich (Oxford)

Dr Irina Shingiray (Oxford)
Nomadic empires and their relations with the sedentary world