Hardship fund

The Rothermere American Institute has created a Graduate Hardship Fund to support postgraduate students at the University of Oxford who work in the fields of American history, politics & IR, or literature and culture, who have encountered unforeseen financial difficulties in the course of their studies. Preference will be given to applicants who have played an active role in the Institute’s intellectual life.

The Fund will disburse up to £5,000 per year in three termly rounds: in Michaelmas (up to £1,500); in Hilary (up to £1,500); and in Trinity (up to £2,000). No applicant may apply to the Fund more than once in any given academic year.

Applicants should specify the specific purposes for which a grant is sought: for example, to cover unexpected academic expenses, or to meet the cost of attending a conference at which the applicant is giving a presentation.

Applications can be made by completing the Graduate Hardship Fund Application Form by the deadline for the relevant term, i.e.:

  • Michaelmas Term applications: Monday of 5th Week
  • Hilary Term applications: Monday of 5th Week
  • Trinity Term applications:  Monday of 5th Week

Forms should be submitted to the Graduate Hardship Fund, c/o Joanne Steventon, Rothermere American Institute, 1a South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3UB – or by email to joanne.steventon@rai.ox.ac.uk.