Harold Vyvyan Harmsworth Visiting Professor of American History

1864 electionThe Harmsworth Professorship was established by the 1st Viscount Rothermere in memory of his son Vyvyan, who died in the First World War.

The annual Harmsworth Professorship makes Oxford unique amongst British universities by enabling a distinguished American scholar to spend a year in Oxford teaching, conducting seminars, and pursuing research.

Inaugurated in 1922, the Professorship has been held by many of the most eminent historians of America and is tenable on a year-long basis. Since 2001, holders of the Chair have been affiliated to both Queen's College, Oxford, and the RAI.

The current holder of the Chair is Professor Kristin Hoganson (Illinois) and will be held in 2016-17 by Professor Alan Taylor (Virginia).

The Harmsworth Professor’s Inaugural Lecture takes place in Michaelmas Term each year. A volume collecting the lectures from 1922 to 2010 has been published by the RAI and is available in both the Vere Harmsworth Library and Queen's College Library. Some recent lectures are also available as podcasts.

Harold Vyvyan Harmsworth Visiting Professors of American History

Annette Gordon-Reed (2014)

Richard Blackett  (2013)

Gary Gerstle (2012)

Philip Morgan (2011)

Ian Tyrrell (2010)

Robin Kelley (2009)

Peter Onuf (2008)

Lizabeth Cohen (2007)

Linda Kerber (2006)

Kathryn Kish Sklar (2005)

Joe Silbey (2004)

Richard Beeman (2003)

Melvyn P. Leffler (2002)

David A. Hollinger (2001)

Timothy Breen (2000)

Robin W. Winks (1999)

Alan Brinkley (1998)

Ernest R. May (1997)

Robert Middlekauff (1996)

David Kennedy (1995)

Robert Dallek (1994)

Eric Foner (1993)

John Lewis Gaddis (1992)

James A. Henretta (1991)

Joyce O. Appleby (1990)

Daniel W. Howe (1989)

George M. Fredrickson (1988)

Richard S. Dunn (1987)

David Montgomery (1986)

David Hackett Fischer (1985)

J. Morgan Kousser (1984)

John W. Shy (1983)

Samuel Hays (1982)

James T. Patterson (1981)

Morton Keller (1980)

Eric L. McKitrick (1979)

Norman A. Graebner (1978)

Willie Lee Rose (1977)

John M. Blum (1976)

Jack P. Greene (1975)

Richard C. Wade (1974)

Carl N. Degler (1973)

Oscar Handlin (1972)

William E. Leuchtenberg (1971)

Charles G. Sellers (1970)

David Brion Davis (1969)

Fletcher M. Green (1968)

Don E. Fehrenbacher (1967)

T. Harry Williams (1966)

Bell I. Wiley (1965)

Allan Nevins (1964)

Frank E. Vandiver (1963)

Richard N. Current (1962)

Kenneth M. Stampp (1961)

George E. Mowry (1960)

David H. Donald (1959)

Arthur S. Link (1958)

Walter Johnson (1957)

Arthur Bestor (1956)

Frank B. Friedel (1955)

C. Vann Woodward (1954)

Ray A. Billington (1953)

Henry Steele Commager (1952)

Lawrence H. Gipson (1951)

Charles S. Sydnor (1950)

Merrill Jensen (1949)

Louis M. Hacker (1948)

David M. Potter (1947)

Walt W. Rostow (1946)

Vacant (1945)

Thomas J. Wertenbaker (1944)

Vacant (1943)

Walter Prescott Webb (1942)

Vacant (1941)

Allan Nevins (1940)

Thomas J. Wertenbaker (1939)

Robert M. McElroy (1925-1939)

Samuel E. Morison (1922-1925)