Stephen Tuffnell

Associate Professor of Modern U.S. History
St Peter's College
Stephen Tuffnell

Steve Tuffnell arrived in Oxford as an undergraduate in 2005 from East Yorkshire and was quickly drawn to the history of the United States by inspirational teaching. Since then he completed postgraduate research at the RAI and a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship at Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Since 2015, he has been Associate Professor of Modern US History and Tutorial Fellow in History at St Peter’s College. His research focusses on the global dimensions of US imperialism and migration in the nineteenth century.

Steve is currently preparing his first book for publication. The American Invaders: Nation and Empire in Britain’s American Community examines the centrality of the American diaspora in Britain to the transfer of goods, capital, and culture across the Atlantic.  He is also working on a history of the American diaspora in the British Empire since 1865. It focuses on American communities in Southern Africa, British East Africa, Sudan, Australia, and Burma (to name a few) and examines the collaborative inter-imperial relationship between the British and American empires – and the way in which this remade the globe.

He is also co-editing, with Dr Benjamin Mountford (Federation University, Australia), an exciting new work examining the global forces unleashed by the search for gold, titled Gold Rush: A Global History, forthcoming with California University Press. 

While at the RAI, Dr Tuffnell has organised:
Gold Rush Imperialism:
Americans Overseas:



Selected Publications

  • ‘Engineering Gold Rushes: Expertise, Technology, and the Apparatus of Globalisation’, (in progress) for Gold Rush: A Global History.
  • 'The International Siamese Twins”: The Iconography of Anglo-American Imperial Reciprocity’, in: Richard Scully & Andrekos Varnava (eds.), Comic Empires: The Imperialism of Cartoons, Caricature, and Satirical Art (forthcoming).
  • 'Expatriate Foreign Relations: Britain's American Community and Transnational Approaches to the U.S. Civil War', Diplomatic History 40, no.4 (September 2016), pp. 635-663: available here.
  • 'Engineering Inter-Imperialism: American Miners and the Transformation of Global Mining, 1871-1910', Journal of Global History 10, no.1 (March 2015), pp. 53-76.
    'Anglo-American Inter-Imperialism: US Expansion and the British World, c.1865-1914', Britain and the World 7, no. 2 (2014), pp. 174-195: available here.
  • '"Uncle Sam is to be sacrificed": Anglophobia in Late Nineteenth-Century Politics and Culture,' American Nineteenth Century History, 12.1 (March 2011), pp. 77-99.