Board of Advisors of the RAI

Vyvyan Harmsworth

The RAI’s Board of Advisors advises on the Institute’s academic and development programmes.

The Institute benefits from the Board’s engagement with its work, values, and strategy. Chaired by Vyvyan Harmsworth, LVO (right), the Board’s other members are:

  • In the United Kingdom: Nigel Bowles; Anthony Clake; Sir John Hood, KNZM; Nicolas Ollivant; and Maria Willetts.
  • In the United States: William Broadbent; Camille Broadbent; Evan Burfield; The Hon. Christopher B. Burnham; The Hon. Mary Jo Jacobi; Justus O’Brien; and Joan Winant.

RAI Board of Management

The RAI Executive Committee advises on the RAI’s academic programme, its financial management, and its positioning within the University.

The Committee meets termly and is chaired by Professor Pekka Hämäläinen. The Committee comprises:

  • Professor Neil MacFarlane
  • Professor Adam Smith
  • Professor Pekka Hämäläinen
  • Professor Desmond King
  • Professor Lloyd Pratt
  • Professor Louise Fawcett
  • Dr Katherine Paugh
  • Dr Nicholas Gaskill

Fixed items on the Committee’s agenda include the Director’s report on recent and forthcoming academic activity; reports on the RAI’s finances and budget; the programme of development activity; and personnel.

Conference and Events Committee

The Conference and Events Committee considers questions relevant to the Institute's academic programme and reports to the Board of Management.

The Committee comprises:


  • Professor Adam Smith
  • Dr Alice Kelly
  • Dr Daniel Rowe