Amendments to event programme on strike days

In the light of industrial action on 25-29 November (Monday-Friday of 7th week) and 2-4 December (Monday-Wednesday of 8th week), some events scheduled to take place at the Institute have been cancelled.

The RAI has been advised that the following seminars will not take place:

American History Research Seminar
Peter Thompson (Oxford)
Response to the Harmsworth Lecture
Tuesday 26 November
[This paper will be rescheduled for next term.]

American Literature Research Seminar
Katie McGettigan (Royal Holloway)
The Whale, or Moby Dick, international copyright and the transatlantic fashioning of American authorship
Thursday 28 November

American History Research Seminar
Rosie Knight (Sheffield)
White mamas and White devils: White women and enslaved children in the antebellum US South
Tuesday 3 December
[This paper will be rescheduled for next term.]

American Politics Graduate Seminar
Joshua Goldstein (St Hilda’s)
Does U.S. public opinion follow the leader or follow the crowd? Evidence from experimental surveys involving cyber-attack vignettes
Wednesday 4 December

The events below will be held as scheduled:

American History Graduate Seminar
Grace Mallon (University College)
Trade and finance in a federal system from the Hamiltonian programme to Jefferson’s embargo
Monday 25 November

Special Seminar
Jeffrey Weinberg in conversation with Nigel Bowles
Challenges of Washington
Tuesday 26 November

American History Graduate Seminar
Stephen Symchych (St Antony’s)
Massachusetts Jeffersonians?
Monday 2 December