Benefactors and Patrons

The Rothermere American Institute thanks its major benefactors for their generosity and support.


Associated Newspapers Joan and Rivington R. Winant
The Rhodes Trust One Patron who wishes to remain anonymous
The Rothermere Foundation  

Senior Benefactors

William and Camille Broadbent John M. Olin Foundation
Edward and Sandra Burkhardt The Robertson Foundation
Esmond V. Harmsworth Foundation John G. Winant Jr.
Cynthia McLachlan Wisconsin Central Transportation Corporation
Pease Family of Fort Worth, Texas One Senior Benefactor who wishes to remain anonymous


Michael and Laura Aronstein Ecton Manning
Association of American Rhodes Scholars The Hon. John L. Moore
Daily Mail and General Trust Nicolas Ollivant
Philip and Rosamund Davies In memory of Don K. Price
Paul and Delight Dodyk John R. Price
Josephine P. and John J. Louis Foundation David and Maria Willetts
Nigel Lovett  


The RAI recognises the generosity of its patrons and benefactors on a plaque (right) in the Institute’s foyer.



The Star Spangled Banner above the RAI



RAI Donor Board 2015