'The Sovereignty of Generations': Thomas Jefferson, Paternalism and Cultural Transmission in Early America


This one-day symposium will bring together leading Jefferson scholars from the US and UK to consider Jefferson's attempts at cultural transmission to younger men.

This event is open to the public. No registration is required.

Morning session  
9.50 Alan Taylor (Virginia): Welcome and Introductions
10.00-10.30 Peter Thompson (Oxford), "Jefferson's Protégés"
10.30-11.00 Peter Onuf (Virginia), "Deeply Conflicted No More"
11.00-11.30 Annette Gordon-Reed (Harvard), "Most Blessed of Patriarchs"
11.30-12.00 Discussion
12.10-1.50 Lunch break
Afternoon session: work in progress  
2.00-2.10 Peter Thompson: Welcome Back and Introductions
2.10-2.30 Sarah Pearsall (Cambridge), "Polygamy and Generations"
2.30-2.50 Nicholas Cole (Oxford), "Jefferson and Quill"
2.50-3.10 Christa Dierksheide (International Center for Jefferson Studies), "Opium!!"
3.10-3.30 Alan Taylor, "Masked Students"
3.30-4.00 Discussion













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