Former Fellows

Scholars from across the world have held visiting fellowships at the Rothermere American Institute.

RAI Visiting Fellows conduct research at the Rothermere American Institute on American history, politics, international relations, literature or culture in the Vere Harmsworth Library elsewhere in Oxford. They write books and articles, and engage in the Institute’s community of scholarship.

A list below gives details of the scholars who have held visiting fellowships at the Institute.

“It was fitting that I spent the year working on a book meant to globalize American history at a global institution like the RAI. The book - American Global Imaginaries, 1660-1870 - traces how Americans recalibrated their understanding of and engagement with the wider world once they achieved independence from the British Empire. The RAI proved the perfect place to advance this research."
Professor Konstantin Dierks, University of Indiana and RAI Senior Visiting Fellow, 2011-12


Dr William Blazek (Liverpool Hope)
The Anglo-American Motorized Ambulance Corps and First World War literature

Dr Michael Breidenbach (Ave Maria)
Catholicism in early American politics

Dr Iván Farías Pelcastre
Political integration in North America since the signing of NAFTA

Dr James Rogers (York)
Albert Wohlstetter and the Cold War origins of American Precision warfare


Dr Catherine Armstrong (Loughborough)
US perceptions of global slavery in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries

Dr Tara Bergin (Newcastle)
Poetry’s Hidden Supply Lines: American Translation and the Writing of Ariel

Jurrit Daalder (Oxford)

Professor Anna Despotopoulou (Athens)
Women, US citizenship, and collective memory in the work of Henry James

Dr Mandy Izadi (Oxford)
Native American and African American history

Richard Johnson (Oxford)
Barack Obama’s Rhetorical Interventions on Race

Dr Rachel Malkin (Oxford)
20th-21st century American poetry and prose, modernism, 20th century intellectual history

Dr Spencer Morrison (Alberta)
American literature and the Cold War

Dr Christian Müller (University of Nottingham, Ningbo)
The Politics of Expertise – The Invention of Modern Internationalism and the Rise of Global Civil Society, 1840-1914

Dr Gregory Phipps (McGill)
Harlem Renaissance

Dr Tamson Pietsch (Sydney)
History and politics of higher education, empire, internationalism, history of ideas

Professor Peter Quint (Maryland) 
Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Daniel Robinson (Cambridge) 
British foreign policy and Colonial North America

Professor Vincent Sherry (Washington)
Literary history of World War II

Dr Courtney Traub (Oxford)
"Romanticising crisis" in contemporary experimental texts from American authors


Dr Xavier Marcó del Pont (Independent)
Don DeLillo

Dr Nadia Hilliard (Oxford)
Accountability and political institutions

Dr Azeem Ibrahim (Chicago)
US counter-radicalization policy

Dr Terence McSweeney (Southampton Solent)
War on Terror and American film

Dr Luke Nichter (Texas A&M)
Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.

Dr Marc-William Palen (Exeter)
Nineteenth-century British and American imperialism

Dr Nicole Panizza (Coventry)
Musical interpretations of Emily Dickinson

Dr Robert A. Scott (Adelphi)
American higher education and public policy

Dr Naomi Wolf (Barnard)
Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass


Professor Paul Kerry (Brigham Young University)
Transatlantic development of George Bancroft’s foreign policy and thought

Professor Bruce Kuniholm (Duke)
American foreign policy in the Near and Middle East

Professor Marc Lafrance (Concordia University)
Masculinity and popular culture in modern North America

Dr Steffen Rimner (Yale)
Global narcotics control

Professor Carol Sanger (Columbia)
Abortion regulation and law's relation to culture

Dr Tristan Stubbs
Plantation overseers in eighteenth-century America


Dr Nicholas Guyatt (York)
Intellectual and political history of the 18th and 19th century Atlantic World

Professor Bruce Kuniholm (Duke)
Uses of history and public policy; US foreign policy in the Middle and Near East

Dr Christopher Moran (Warwick)
US national security; foreign policy and intelligence services

Professor Sarah Rivett (Princeton)
Early American and transatlantic literature and culture

The Hon. Jamie Rubin (US State Dept.)
20th century American foreign policy; politics of war

Dr Kate Williams (Illinois)
Transnational 20th century American social movements; global indigenous networks


Professor Celeste-Marie Bernier (Nottingham)
The Slave Ship Imprint in African American Visual Arts

Dr Maria Fanis (Ohio) 
Ethical and moral codes and international security

Dr Erin Penner (Cornell)
Faulkner, Morrison, modernism and elegiac literature

Professor Barbara Reeves-Ellington (Siena College)
US foreign relations and migration

Dr Stephen Ross (Oxford)
American poetry and poetics, nature and environmental writing, and modern fiction


Professor Konstantin Dierks (Indiana)
Early modern America and the Atlantic World

Dr Christine Knauer (Tübingen, Germany) 
Gender identity, racial minorities and war in C20th American culture     

Professor Sarah Knott (Indiana)
18th century North America and the Atlantic World

Dr Paul McGarr (Nottingham) 
US, British and South Asian diplomatic history 

Dr Kaeten Mistry (University of East Anglia)
American interventionism, CIA covert action since World War II

Professor Louis Nelson (Virginia)
Colonial and early national architectural history

Dr Tessa Roynon (Oxford)
African-American literature; the modern American novel

Dr Henry Sun (Harvard)
International marketing

Dr Eric White (Oxford Brookes)
American modernism


Dr Deniz Ertan (Nottingham)
American music, culture and intellectual though; American (ultra)modernism 1900-1923

Dr Ian Hart (London)
The social report in American government from Hoover to Reagan

Dr Jörg Nagler (Friedrich Schiller, Germany)
The American West; international dimension of the Civil War

Dr Michael Ondaatje (Newcastle, New South Wales)  
Black Conservatives in the Civil Rights Era; Black Thought in Modern America

Dr Michael Williams (Royal Holloway, London)
UK-US relations 1989-2009


Dr Evelyn Goh (Royal Holloway)
Relations between the US and East Asia

Professor Dorothy Hale (Berkeley)            
Theory of American Literature     

Professor Andrea McDowell (Seton Hall)          
Law in 19th century America

Dr Brooke Newman (Yale)      
18th century Anglo-American Atlantic world

Professor Jeffrey Stonecash (Syracuse)            
Political parties, electoral behaviours, state politics and intergovernmental relations


Dr Inge Dornan (Brunel)
Women and the transatlantic slave trade

Dr Max Edling (Upsala, Sweden)             
The growth of US power, 1789-1865

Professor Andrew E Hershberger (Bowling Green State)    
The dark side of photography: a critical history of negative prints

Ms Cheryl Hudson (Vanderbilt)
Political culture of urban America in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries

Dr George Lewis (Leicester)            
The unAmericans

Professor Ann Schofield (Kansas)
“The age of respectability: gender, class and cultural change in America, 1870-1920”
US women's history

Professor Jeffrey Smith (USC)      
Cultural and narrative influences on the framing of the US Presidency

Dr Isabel Soto (Universidad Nacional de Educacion, Madrid)
African-American literature, slave narratives and the Harlem Renaissance

Professor Mary Vogel (King's, London)
Law and democratic transformation


Dr Matthew Feldman (Northampton)
‘Political religions’ and the role of the sacred in the modern world

Dr David Leviatin (Independent scholar)    
English roots of early American vernacular architecture

Professor Sanda Lwin (Yale)      
Race and law in American culture

Dr Jen Nixon (Ruskin College)
Domestic violence and disabilities in the US and UK

Professor Sarah Pearsall (Northwestern) 
American polygamy, 1600 - 1862

Dr Tony Shaw (Hertfordshire)  
American and Soviet Cold War film propaganda

Professor Keiko Sugiyama (Keisen University, Tokyo)            
Female welfare practitioners in immigrant communities in 19th c. America

Professor Toni-Michelle Travis (George Mason)
Immigration of non-Europeans to US

Dr Janet Wilson (Northampton)
European humanities scholars in American colonies


Professor John Ashworth (Nottingham)      
“Gender and the Civil War” / “Capitalism and the American Civil War”        

Dr Ellen Berg (Berkeley)            
“Miss Columbia’s Kindergarten:  Envisaging Immigrants and American Identity”

Professor Darryl K Brown (Washington & Lee)
“Scope and Evolution of American Criminal Law”

Professor Douglas Davies (Durham)              
“Jesus in Mormonism”

Professor Mark Eaton (Azusa Pacific)
“The Literary Uses of Mass Culture in Modern America”

Professor Tony Edmonds (Ball State)           
“The Impact of the Vietnam War on British Culture”

Professor Arnold Fleischmann (Georgia)
“Elections to Ban Same-Sex Marriage in the American States”

Professor Barbara Groseclose (Ohio State)         
“Ottoman Material Culture and North American Colonial Art:  the British Role”

Professor Martin Halliwell (Leicester)            
“Illness, Medicine and American Culture: From War Anxiety to Anti-Psychiatry, 1945-1970”
20th century and contemporary American literature

Dr Fiona Halloran (Eastern Kentucky)
“Like a Mirror of the Mind:  Abolitionists in American Political Prints, 1830-1880”

Professor Alison Holmes (LSE)       
“The Third Way and The Special Relationship – Old News or New Prospects?”

Dr Guibao Luo (Lanzou Teacher College, China)
Postmodern American novels since the 1980s

Dr Carolyn Morningstar (Oxford)
“Constructing Democracy as a ‘New World Metaphysics’ in 19th century American Literature”

Professor Andrew Murphy (Valparaiso, Indiana)        
“Calamity and Nationhood:  Moral Decline and Divine Punishment in American Political Rhetoric from New England to 9/11”

Professor John Owen (Virginia)
“American Democracy Promotion: Causes and Consequences”

Dr Craig Phelan (Swansea)            
Organised labour in the US and Western Europe since 1945

Professor Jahan Ramazani (Virginia)
“A Transnational Poetics: From Modern to Postcolonial”

Professor Caroline Rody (Virginia)
“The Interethnic Imagination:  Roots and Passages in Contemporary Asian-American Fiction”

Dr Dan Scroop (Liverpool)           
“A faded passion?  Antimonopoly politics in 20th century America”

Professor Marsha Siefert (Central European, Budapest)
“Hollywood and Moscow Revisited:  Russian and American Film and Music Communities in Counterpoint, 1930-1965”

Dr Brock Tessman (Georgia)
A Grand Strategy of Decline: Historical Lessons for the 21st century United States

Dr Stephen Wolfe (Tromso, Norway)            
“Border Crossing to America:  Emigration and Immigration Narratives, 1815-1825”


Professor Charles S. Bullock III (Georgia)
“Integration of New Ethnic Minorities into the Political System”

Professor Kenneth Christie (Zayed, Dubai)
“The War on Terror and universal human rights”

Mr Sebastian Cody (Independent scholar); also Associate Fellow 2005-2011
“US political consultancy companies and their influence in Britain, Europe and further afield”

Professor Thomas Dublin (New York, Binghampton)
“American immigration and ethnicity since 1880”

Professor David Evans (Dalhousie)
“William Faulkner and American Pragmatism”

Mr Simon Head (Independent scholar)
“Work and power in the digital age”

Dr Catherine Morley (Oxford Brookes)
“American Mythologies of Modernity”

Dr Jonathan Pearson (Durham)              
“The Evolution of the Presidential Library System and its role in the Development of Cultural Identification in the US, 1895-1966”

Dr Simone Selva  (State University of Milan)
“The Western Bloc rearmament in Europe and the German economy in the early Cold War years – foreign trade and home economic policies”

Professor George Smith (Catholic University)
Law, science and medicine


Dr Terry Babcock-Lumish (Independent scholar)
“Decision making in financial innovation and venture capital”

Professor Derek Catsam (University of Texas of the Permian Basin)
White Resistance to University Integration

Mr Sebastian Cody (Independent scholar); also Associate Fellow 2005-2011
“US political consultancy companies and their influence in Britain, Europe and further afield”

Dr Cynthia Hamilton (Liverpool Hope)
“Anti-Slavery Rhetoric in the United States”

Professor Mary King (University for Peace of the United Nations)
“Literature of Non-Violent Struggles”

Professor Catherine Kodat (Hamilton College, NY)    
“Don’t Act’: The Cold War and the Arts”

Dr Carlos Leone (Lusofona University, Lisbon)
Portuguese-American Relations in the Twentieth Century

Dr Catherine McLoughlin (Oxford)
“Martha Gellhorn: The Woman Writer in the Field and in the Text”

Dr Jo Ann Oravec (Wisconsin-Whitewater)
“Vote Suppression, Vote Fraud and E-Voting Hazards”

Dr Edward Ragg (Cambridge)        
“Not Ideas About the Thing but the Thing Itself: Rereading Wallace Stevens (1879-1955)”

Dr Priscilla Roberts (Hong Kong)
World War I and Anglo-American Relations

Dr Dominic Sandbrook (Oxford)
Spirit of '76: the United States in the Seventies' / Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and the Revolution of the 1980s

Professor Christopher Saunders (Cape Town, South Africa)
Comparative United States/ South African History

Dr Heidi Stalla (Oxford)
Biography of Ruth Gruber

Professor Robert Strong (Washington & Lee, Virginia)
“Foreign Policy Decisions in the First Bush Presidency”

Dr Dagmar Wernitznig (Klagenfurt, Austria)
“Of Mothers and Monsters – Mothers and Daughters in Contemporary Novels”


Professor James B. Bell (Independent scholar)   
Anglican ministers in the American colonies

Professor John Berg (Suffolk, Massachusetts)
“Ralph Nader, The Greens, and the Crisis of American Politics.”

Professor Maxine Berg (Warwick)             
Transatlantic Consumer Cultures in the Eighteenth Century

Mr Sebastian Cody (Independent scholar); also Associate Fellow 2005-2011
“US political consultancy companies and their influence in Britain, Europe and further afield”

Dr Sarah Emsley (Dalhousie, Nova Scotia)
A Passion for Order: Ethics and Aesthetics in the works of Edith Wharton

Professor Henry Hart (William & Mary)
Meditation, Contemplation, and the Mystic Way in 20th Century Poetry

Dr Elizabeth Jacobs (Aberystwyth)
Mexican American Literature: The Politics of Identity

Dr Alan O'Day (Greyfriars, Oxford)
Irish politics and Irish-Americans, Irish-American organisations and political terrorism

Dr Anat Pick (Oxford)
“Fictions of Democracy: New Contexts for the American Renaissance.”

Professor Markku Ruotsila (Tampere, Finland)           
“John Spargo and Socialist Anti-Communism in the Atlantic World, 1901-65”

Professor Richard Sennett (LSE)       
“The New Materialism”

Professor Shelley Walia (Panjab, India)
“Discourse and Subversion: The Dissident Voice in American Politics”


Dr William Barth (California Dept. of Housing and Urban Development)
“Community Planning”

Dr Paul Bou-Habib (Princeton)
“The Theory and Politics of Civil Society”

Mr Sebastian Cody (Independent scholar); also Associate Fellow 2005-2011
“US political consultancy companies and their influence in Britain, Europe and further afield”

Professor Paul Crumbley (Utah State)
“The ‘Purple Democrat’: Emily Dickinson and the Sovereignty of Democratic Consent”

Professor Phyllis Leffler (Virginia)
“Interpretation of Historic Sites in the US and UK”

Professor Trevor McCrisken (Warwick)
“American Exceptionalism and the Legacy of Vietnam: US Foreign Policy Since 1974”

Professor Bradley Scott Shrager (Miami, Ohio)
“The Price of a Great Many Sins: Yamasee Indians, Spaniards and Englishmen in the North American Southeast, 1660–1763”


Professor Sara Blair (Michigan)
“Black Writers and the Photograph in the Twentieth Century”

Mr Sebastian Cody (Independent scholar); also Associate Fellow 2005-2011
“US political consultancy companies and their influence in Britain, Europe and further afield”

Professor Donald Weber (Mount Holyoake)
“Jewish-American literature and Popular Culture”