Sally Bayley

Dr Sally Bayley is a Research and Teaching Fellow at the RAI and Lecturer in English and Composition at University College and Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. She has published two books on the poet Sylvia Plath, including the first book to bring Plath’s art work into the public domain: Eye Rhymes: Sylvia Plath’s Art of the Visual (OUP, 2007). In 2011 she edited a series of essays that offer a revisioning of Sylvia Plath as a cultural and historical figure, co-edited with Tracy Brain of Bath Spa University: Representing Sylvia Plath: New Essays on the Writer and Her Work (CUP, 2011). Representing Sylvia Plath includes especially commissioned artistic responses to Plath by contemporary pop artist Stella Vine, Royal Ballet choreographer, Kate Flatt and award winning playwright, Elisabeth Gray whose play 'I Wish I Had a Sylvia Plath' won Best Solo Performance at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2007 and has since toured all over the world. The play has recently been brought by a theatre production company for performance in L.A.

In 2010 she completed a study of Emily Dickinson as a poet of domestic space, alongside many other writers and artists within the American literary and cultural tradition: Home on the Horizon, America’s Search for Space: from Emily Dickinson to Bob Dylan (Peter Lang, 2010). She has worked with many artist-practioners exploring the relationship between poetry and the visual and performance arts. She has recently produced a film exploring the life and work of American poet, Hart Crane, with Suzie Hanna of Norwich University College of the Arts. Prior to this she has worked with Suzie Hanna and sound designer, Tom Simmons of the Royal College of Art on a film telling the story of the young artistic life of Sylvia Plath (The Girl Who Would be God, 2007) and a representation of the poetic tropes of poet Emily Dickinson, Letter to the World (2011). These films have been shown in many poetry and film festivals across the world and will soon be available through the Royal College or Art online research forum. For now, see

Sally Bayley has recently finished a popular study of the diary as a form of self-reporting and is now completing a novelised memoir of growing up in an all-female charismatic household and her escape through reading (Such Devoted Sisters, represented by Philippa Brewster of Capel & Land Literary Agency).

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