Bruce Schulman

Bruce Schulman was born in New York City, took his BA with Distinction in History from Yale University, and his MA and PhD from Stanford University. After seven years on the faculty at UCLA, he moved to Boston University where he is currently the William E. Huntington Professor.

His teaching focuses on the political and cultural history of the modern United States.  At Oxford, he will participate in the DPhil workshop, co-teach the Master’s course, supervise Master’s students, and offer lectures in US History.

His research concentrates on the history of the modern United States, particularly the relationships between politics and broader cultural change.   He has published on the history of the American South, Liberalism and Conservatism in the 20th Century, media and politics, and the 1970s. He is currently completing a volume on the period 1896-1929 for the Oxford History of the United States that investigates the ways the era remade American nationhood through the creation of national markets for goods, audiences for cultural products like film and recorded music, new instruments of government, and different relations with the broader world.