Karen Patricia Heath

Karen Patricia Heath is a political historian of the twentieth-century United States, with research interests in political ideologies and cultural policymaking. She has written journal articles on the early years of the National Endowment for the Arts and on US federal architectural policy. Other publications include chapters on conservative artists in the US in the 1950s and on the Broadway theatre producer Roger L. Stevens. Karen is currently writing a monograph, provisionally entitled Conservatives and the Politics of Federal Arts Funding, from the Great Society to the Culture Wars.

Journal Articles
  • ‘Daniel Patrick Moynihan and his ‘Guiding Principles for Federal Architecture’ (1962)’, P.S.: Political Science & Politics, 50:2 (April 2017), pp. 384-387.
  • ‘Artistic Scarcity in an Age of Material Abundance: President Lyndon Johnson, the National Endowment for the Arts, and Great Society Liberalism’, European Journal of American Culture, 36:1 (March 2017), pp. 5-22.
Book Chapters
  •  ‘Conservative Artists in the 1950s: The Limits to Success’, in, Tom Packer and Philip Davies (eds.), American Conservatism Since the New Deal: Rethinking the US Right (Institute for the Study of the Americas, London, forthcoming, 2018).
  • ‘Roger L. Stevens: The Great Facilitator’, in, William A. Everett and Laura MacDonald (eds.), The Palgrave Handbook of Musical Theatre Producers (Palgrave Macmillan, New York, 2017), pp. 207-215.
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