Katherine Fapp

D.Phil. in History

Katherine Fapp is a second-year D.Phil. student at St Peter’s College. Her research examines the American woman suffrage movement in the transpacific, circa 1893 to 1928, and is supervised by Dr Stephen Tuffnell. Through her work, she hopes to shine new light on transnational woman suffrage activity in the Pacific, the intersections of race and gender in the struggle for female enfranchisement, and the shifting nature of American citizenship across this dynamic period.

Prior to focusing on woman suffrage, Katherine’s research focused on Civil War Memory, particularly as remembered through early silent film. She earned her BA in History from the University of Arizona, and her MSt in U.S. History from Pembroke College, Oxford. For her work on the MSt, she was awarded the RAI’s Carwardine Prize. She is currently convening the RAI’s American History Graduate Seminar, and can be followed on twitter @k8efapp. Her History Faculty page can be viewed here.