Sonia Tycko

Sonia Tycko is a historian of early modern England and its American colonies, with an emphasis on social relations, law, and labor. She received her B.A. from Columbia University and her Ph.D. from Harvard University. In between these degrees, she joined the Academic and Trade Department in the New York office of Oxford University Press, where she worked as an editor on the history list.  At the Rothermere American Institute and St Peter’s College, Sonia is revising her dissertation into a book, provisionally entitled Captured Consent: Forced Labor and the Rise of Freedom of Contract. This project examines what consent meant and how it worked in seventeenth-century master-servant relationships that were formed under coercion.


“The Legality of Prisoner of War Labour in England, 1648–1655,” Past & Present (forthcoming, February 2020).