Congress to Campus

RAI students

Each year, the RAI hosts Congress to Campus. This day-long event brings two former Members of Congress - one Democrat, one Republican - to the Institute to discuss American politics and government with local school and university students. It is organised with the US Association of Former Members of Congress and the Eccles Centre for American Studies at the British Library, with support from the US Embassy, London.

Congress to Campus last took place online in March 2021 via Zoom, with former Members of Congress Ben Chandler (Democrat-KY, 2004-2013) and Ann Marie Buerkle (Republican-NY, 2011-13). You can watch the recording here.

The former Members of Congress offer local school and university students insights into how American democracy works through sharing their real-life experiences as candidates and office holders. For example, when former Congressmen Bob Carr (D-Michigan, 1975-81, 1983-95) and Cliff Stearns (R-Florida, 1989-2013) visited they discussed bipartisanship in the US House and Senate, the influence of partisan news media on US politics and the impact of ‘Super-PAC’ fundraising on American elections at local, state and Federal level, and answered questions on all these topics from the visiting students.

The next Congress to Campus event will be in November 2022. If you are a student, or teacher at a local school, and would like to find out more about participating in Congress to Campus, please email

Former Members of Congress who have visited the RAI through Congress to Campus:

2021: Ben Chandler (Democrat-KY, 2004-2013) and Ann Marie Buerkle (Republican-NY, 2011-13)

2020: Elizabeth Esty (D-Connecticut, 2013-19) and Jeff Miller (R-Florida, 2001-17)

2019: Charles Boustany (R-Louisiana, 2005-17) and Donna Edwards (D-Maryland, 2008-17)

2018: Jim McDermott (D-Wahington, 1989-2017) and Tim Murphy (R-Pennsylvania, 2003-2017)

2017: Vic Fazio (D-California, 1979-99) and Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas, 2003-17)

2016: Larry LaRocco (D-Idaho, 1991-95) and Ken Kramer (R-Colorado, 1979-87)

2015: Dennis Hertel (D-Michigan, 1981-93) and Claudine Schneider (R-Rhode Island, 1981-91)

2014: Bob Clement (D-Tennessee, 1988-2003) and James Coyne (R-Pennsylvania, 1981-83)

2013: Bob Carr (D-Michigan, 1975-81, 1983-95) and Cliff Stearns (R-Florida, 1989-2013)

2012: Rick Boucher (D-Virginia, 1983-2011) and Mike Oxley (R-Ohio, 1981-2007)

2011: Bart Gordon (D-Tennessee, 1985-2011) and Steven Kuykendall (R-California, 1999-2001)

2010: David Skaggs (D-Colorado, 1987-1999) and Nick Smith (R-Michigan, 1993-2005)

2009: Dan Miller (R-Florida, 1993-2003) and Carlos Romero-Barcelo (New Progressive Party, Puerto Rico, 1993-2001)