Studying America at Oxford

Teaching activity at the RAI takes place under the auspices of the three departments most closely associated with the Institute – the Faculties of History and English, and the Department of Politics and International Relations. Please see their websites for information on courses and programmes of study relating to the United States. For admissions information for Oxford University, please visit the Oxford Admissions Office.

Undergraduates reading for degrees in HistoryEnglish, and Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) are able to select from a range of optional papers on the United States, and may choose to write their final year theses on American topics.

Oxford is also home to a large and lively graduate population. There are two dedicated Masters courses for the study of the United States, the MSt in US History, offered by the History Faculty, and the MSt in English and American Studies, offered by the Faculty of English. The MSt in US History is the longest established course of its type in Britain.

The graduate community at the RAI displays disciplinary breadth, intellectual depth and energy, and a high level of activity. Groups of doctoral students in History, Politics, and Literature meet weekly for research seminars and to hear and discuss papers in progress from their peers.