RAI invites applications to Academic Programme Fund

The Rothermere American Institute invites applications to its Academic Programme Fund.

The purpose of the fund is to develop workshops, seminars, conferences, and other such events that will enhance the research profile of the Institute and its members. Applications with an interdisciplinary element are encouraged, as are those that will lead to publication or that include some element of student engagement. Applications for one-off events are welcome as long as they meet the fund's criteria. We also welcome proposals for events that slot directly into the RAI's core academic programming in the politics, literature, and history of the United States. These activities might include regular reading groups, one-off workshops, training and development sessions, or research seminars that complement the termcard’s offerings. For full details of all the seminars and events taking place at the RAI, please see our termcard.

Applications are encouraged from all members of the RAI community (broadly construed). We welcome applications from undergraduates and postgraduates (both Master's and D.Phil. students), visiting fellows, associated research and teaching fellows, and Oxford University post-holders. Applicants will be expected to demonstrate a commitment to participation in the intellectual life of the Institute.

Individual applications can request up to £5,000, but the preference of the Committee is to fund several smaller activities. Successful awards are typically up to £2,000.

How to apply

Applications should consist of 3 elements:

  • A description of the content, objectives, and possible outcomes of the proposed event(s) in no more than 2 pages.
  • A CV (or CVs if there are more than one proposed event organizers).
  • A breakdown of the costs of the proposed event or activities.

Questions can be addressed to enquiries@rai.ox.ac.uk.

The deadline for submission of applications is 12 noon on Monday 27 May 2019.

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