Postgraduate Membership

Postgraduate membership

Postgraduate membership is a category of association designed to support our graduate community in their studies. 

Postgraduate members work on American history, politics, or literature, or study the United States in related fields. They are expected to participate in, and contribute to, the Institute's intellectual community by attending academic and social events and (where relevant) using the resources of the Vere Harmsworth Library.

Postgraduate members of the RAI are entitled to: use the kitchen (where tea and coffee are provided); apply for a desk in one of our two postgraduate study rooms on the lower ground floor of the building (for use during Institute opening hours); apply for RAI travel awards in support of primary research (advertised annually in Hilary term); have a profile on the RAI website (subject to a bio and photo being received).

The scheme is open to Oxford D.Phil. and M.Phil. students active in the current academic year.


Apply for postgraduate membership


If you wish to apply for postgraduate membership, please send the following materials to Jo Steventon (

  • A short statement (maximum 250 words) explaining your field of research and how it relates to the RAI/the study of the United States
  • A short academic biography (maximum 150 words) and photograph suitable for the website (ideally a headshot)
  • If you would also like a desk in one of our shared offices, please note this and include a short statement on how being based in the RAI building will benefit your research and how often you expect to be here. In view of high demand, we give priority to final-year students and to those who do not have a D.Phil. study carrel in the VHL.