The Rothermere American Institute welcomes visiting scholars from around the world, as well as Oxford-based researchers.

RAI Fellows pursue their research on diverse aspects of American history, politics and culture in the Vere Harmsworth Library’s outstanding collections of American materials, write books and articles, and engage in the Institute’s lively community of scholarship.

The RAI offers the following categories of affiliation:

The RAI’s Executive Committee also elects to RAI Distinguished Fellowships those persons who have made exceptional contributions to the intellectual life of the Institute and who have achieved distinction in academic, professional or public life.

“The Fellowship proved instrumental in helping to transform a fledgling examination into the interchange between American intelligence activity and diplomacy in the developing world into a fully developed, coherent and intellectually engaging research project. During my time at the RAI, my research agenda began to attract significant attention from scholarly colleagues on both sides of the Atlantic, government policymakers in Britain and the US, and academic publishing houses."
Dr Paul McGarr, University of Nottingham, UK