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Freelance Podcast Producer for History and Politics Podcast

The Rothermere American Institute at Oxford is looking for a freelance radio/podcast producer for our podcast series “The Last Best Hope?”. Each episode of the podcast examines an issue or a question that in some way reflects on the “meaning” of America, how it understands itself, and how others have understood it. Past episodes include discussions about insurrections in American history, why the President has the powers of a Stuart king, the role of music in election campaigns, and why Abraham Lincoln thought that the US was the "last best hope of earth". Up until now, the podcasts have been made by Adam Smith, the Orsborn Professor of American Political History at Oxford, who will continue to be involved. But we’re now looking for someone who can take the podcast to the next level. We’re looking for someone with radio/podcast production experience, creative ideas about how our podcast might develop, and the ability to take responsibility for seeing podcasts through from idea to reality. We want a producer who can take overall responsibility for the podcast, making episodes with other podcast presenters/hosts in addition to Adam Smith —potentially including students and post-doctoral researchers who want to learn how to share their research and ideas with a non-specialist audience but who don’t have the experience or skills to make a podcast on their own. In short, we want someone creative and intellectually curious, and willing to take responsibility, as well as with audio editing expertise.

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