Distinguished Fellows

Distinguished Fellows

The status of Distinguished Fellow of the Rothermere American Institute is awarded in recognition of exceptional contribution to the intellectual life of the RAI and distinction in academic, professional or public life. The following people have been elected as Distinguished Fellows.


Professor Joel Aberbach

Professor Richard Hodder-Williams

Professor James B. Bell

Professor Daniel Walker Howe

Professor Timothy Breen

Professor Lawrence Jacobs

Dr Peter Bourne

Dr Halbert Jones

Dr Nigel Bowles

Professor Robin Kelley

Professor Richard Carwardine

Professor Linda Kerber

Professor Lizabeth Cohen

Professor Mary Elizabeth King

Professor Gareth Davies

Professor Dame Hermione Lee, FBA

Professor Philip Davies

Professor Iwan Morgan

Professor George C. Edwards III

Professor Peter Onuf

Professor Sir John Elliott, FBA

Professor Barbara Savage

Professor Eric Foner

Professor Jay Sexton

Professor Lawrence Goldman

Professor Ann Schofield

Professor Annette Gordon-Reed Professor Byron Shafer