Emma Day

I am a historian of the twentieth century United States with a particular focus on the histories of sexuality, gender, race, and activism. My first book, In Her Hands: Women Protesting the AIDS Epidemic in the United States, explores the interplay between women’s activism and state action in the context of the US AIDS epidemic, forthcoming with University of California Press. I am also working on a second project examining women’s activism against sexual assault in prison.


  • In Her Hands: Women Protesting the AIDS Epidemic in the United States (forthcoming, University of California Press).
  • ‘The Fire Inside: Women Protesting AIDS in Prison, 1980-2005,’ Modern American History (forthcoming Spring 2022).
  • ‘For Health or for Profit: Covid-19 and the History of Big Pharma in the United States,’ Working Papers in Critical Disaster Studies: Historical Approaches to Covid-19, New York University (April 2021), https://s18798.pcdn.co/disasters/wp-content/uploads/sites/16355/2021/03/...
  • ‘Native Women, AIDS Activism, and the Coatlicue Theatre Company in the United States,’ The Theatre Annual: A Journal of Theatre and Performance of the Americas 71 (2018): 43-61.  
  • ‘The coronavirus is a flimsy excuse to ban abortion: States are using the pandemic to further their long campaign against reproductive rights,’ The Washington Post, April 8, 2020, https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2020/04/08/covid-19-is-flimsy-exc...

Twitter: @DrEmmaDay