Janet Wilson

I am an emerita professor of English and Postcolonial Studies at the University of Northampton, and Visiting Professor of the Birmingham Institute of Media and English, Birmingham City University, UK. My research is in the   fields of diaspora and postcolonial studies and focuses on the white settler colonies of Australia and New Zealand. Another strand studies contemporary literary representations of poverty, precarity and vulnerability. Projects within these two areas include study of the early reception in the UK and USA  of the  work of  New Zealand modernist short story writer Katherine Mansfield;  and an  updating and expansion of  my monograph, Fleur Adcock (2007), to consider  the recent writing of this New Zealand-born, UK-based poet. I am coediting an essay collection on New Zealand medievalism for which I will contribute a study of academic medievalism and decolonising the curriculum, focusing on  20th century New Zealand medievalists in Oxbridge and North America.   Recently I have published articles on refugee writing and the ethics of representation and am currently co-editing a volume on Planetary Precarity and Future Habitability. From October 2019-April 2022 I was PI of the AHRC-funded Diaspora Screen Media Network that focused on  Black British and British Asian visual screen studies. I am editor in chief of the Journal of Postcolonial Writing, co-editor of the book series, Studies in World Literature (Ibidem-Verlag) and chair of  the global network, Challenging Precarity.

Selected Publications

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