American expats cast their votes at the RAI on 'Super Tuesday'

'Super Tuesday' came to the RAI on 1 March as American expatriates cast their votes in the Democratic Party Global Primary. First to vote at the Institute was Larry Sanders, brother of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and long-time resident of Oxford. Alongside London, Cambridge, Edinburgh and St Andrews, Oxford was one of five voting centres in the United Kingdom where Americans cast their ballots.

Speaking to the Washington Post, RAI Director Jay Sexton said that one of the most significant things about the global primary was that it started the process of finding and mobilizing overseas voters ahead of the election in November. “Twenty-one delegates today aren’t going to make the difference, but in the November election, overseas voters can make a big difference in a tight race,” he said.

"If there are 7 to 8 million Americans living abroad, that’s a significant voting bloc up for grabs.”

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