American History Graduate Seminar programme now available


The Michaelmas term programme for the American History Graduate Seminar is now available.

A pdf version of the programme below can be downloaded here.


This seminar will be held at 12pm on the following Mondays at the Rothermere American Institute, 1a South Parks Road, OX13 UB except where noted. Lunch and refreshments provided.

Rivers Gambrell (Kellogg), Chris Nitschke (Keble) et al.
21 Oct: ‘DPhil: Commencement to Completion/What Am I Doing Now?’

Sheng Peng (St Antony’s)
4 Nov: 'A Gentleman's Understanding: British, French, and German dual-use Technology transfer to China and America’s Dilemma: 1978-1981'

Mitch Robertson (Univ)
11 Nov: ‘Was ‘VISTA in ACTION’ VISTA inaction?’

Grace Mallon (Univ)
25 Nov: 'Trade and Finance in a Federal System from the Hamiltonian Programme to Jefferson's Embargo'

Stephen Symchych (St Antony’s)
2 Dec: 'Massachusetts Jeffersonians?'

Convenor: Ella St George Carey (Pembroke)