RAI Wellbeing: online sessions for housebound researchers

The RAI is sponsoring free 30-minute sessions at 5pm over four Mondays on Zoom, led by Stephanie Ross-Russell, an Oxford-based movement instructor with over 25 years’ experience who runs Movement for Living Well. We are beginning these sessions because we recognise that academics have bodies too and many of us are suffering from even more time hunched over computers than usual. These sessions are open to all. No fitness or lycra required, and you are welcome to keep your video off if you prefer. If you would like to receive links for any of these sessions, please email: comms@rai.ox.ac.uk


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Monday 1 June & Monday 15 June, 17:30-18:00: Computer Relief Desk Sessions

You can be dressed in your normal clothing and just need to set yourself up at your desk with your computer in front of you. Ideally please be seated on a simple stable chair without arms. We will be both sitting and standing in this practice. Stephanie will be guiding us through movements and stretches that help to alleviate tension that can occur from too much time at your desk.

Monday 8 June & Monday 22 June, 19:00-19:30: Yoga Nidra Sessions

This is not yoga as you know it, but a deep guided relaxation practice. To gain the most benefit from this, find a comfortable place to lie down where you will be able to listen to Stephanie's voice clearly from your device. You will not need to see the screen. Make sure it is quiet where you are and that you will not be disturbed during the practice. Ideally have a pillow for your head and enough layers on or a blanket to keep you warm.


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