Sally Bayley's literary memoir to be published by HarperCollins

bayley cover

Girl with Dove, a literary memoir by RAI fellow Sally Bayley, has been signed by HarperCollins for publication in June.

It recounts how the author escaped a disturbing upbringing by disappearing into a world of books and reading. Through reading, Bayley befriends heroes from Victorian literature: Jane Eyre and characters from David Copperfield become her saviours, offering her humour and guidance during difficult moments in her life. Weaving literary classics with a young girl’s coming of age story, the books testifies to the transformative power of reading and the literary imagination. Mixing fairytale, literary classics, nursery rhymes, and folklore, Girl with Dove is the story of a child’s adventure in wonderland and search for truth in an adult world often cast in deep shadow.

Sally Bayley is a Research and Teaching Fellow at the RAI. From September 2018, she will be teaching writing in Oxford as a Royal Literary Fund Fellow. She is author of The Private Life of the Diary (Unbound) as well as books on Sylvia Plath and Emily Dickinson.

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