The American Antimonopoly Tradition in Global Perspective

This multidisciplinary conference seeks to place antimonopoly thinking, ideas, and policy in transnational, comparative, and global terms. U.S. news outlets are currently awash with articles, op-eds, and think-pieces on monopoly, antitrust, and democracy’s fraught relationship with big corporations in general, and with Big Tech in particular. Americans, of course, are not the only people around the world worried about bigness, monopoly, or economic concentration. However, much of the contemporary commentary on antimonopoly is resolutely national in its framing – presenting antimonopoly’s history almost as if it were hermetically sealed, and as such impervious to the global character of capitalism.

Over two days, this conference will explore how the American antimonopoly tradition has shaped and been shaped by events, development, and ideas from the wider world, and put scholars from across the humanities and social sciences in conversation with each other.

Programme and registration information to follow shortly.