Archives of Desire: Transformative Fandom and Queer Memory – 1. Limits


Archives of Desire: Transformative Fandom and Queer Memory
4-part seminar series, All on Zoom
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This free seminar series is premised on the idea that online fan spaces archive queer desires.
Transformative fandom (where fans adapt pre-existing, copyrighted media properties to create their own artworks, stories and videos) has been theorised as:

a) innately memorialising – recording how individual fans feel about the media they consume, and
b) structurally queer – troubling gender and sexuality norms.

This series asks what happens when we view fan works, and the digital spaces in which they circulate, as records of contemporary LGBTQIA+ cultural memory.

  • Who is included or excluded in this type of memorialising?
  • How does race, gender identity and privilege shape fan archives and the histories they document?
  • What kinds of feelings do these repositories preserve, generate or share?
  • How do they relate to other forms of queer remembering?

Join our incredible line-up of fan scholars this Trinity term, as we explore these ‘Archives of Desire’! All events free to attend and open to the public.