The Midterm Elections: What Happened, and What Next?

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Join us ONLINE next Wednesday at 5pm UK time / 12 noon Eastern, the day after what are expected to be momentous midterm elections for expert analysis and discussion. We’re delighted to be joined by:

Frank Luntz, described by both Republicans and Democrats as “America’s smartest pollster”, best known for his research on the impact of language on politics.

Andra Gillespie, political scientist at Emory University, a well-known commentator and the leading expert on African American politics.

David Leal, political scientist at University of Texas Austin, a specialist on Latino politics and migration.

Patrick Andelic, political historian at Northumbria University, and the co-editor of a new book, Midterms and Mandates.

Tuesday’s Midterm Elections may well see the Republicans regain both houses of Congress and make further gains at state level. What has been the impact of the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v Wade? How far did candidates’ personalities and profiles affect outcomes? Do personal ‘scandals’ even matter anymore? How and why did turnout vary across different voter groups? What is happening to the Latino vote? Were these elections determined by ‘the economy, stupid’? And, as we look ahead to the next two years, what will be the impact on Biden’s agenda, and on each party’s prospects in 2024? And how much might it matter that many of the Republicans expected to be elected on Tuesday night insist that the 2020 election was ‘stolen’?

Our expert panel will address these and other questions as we digest what happened on Tuesday night. Tweet your questions to @RAIOxford or submit them in the Q&A during the event.

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