Political Behaviour and Public Opinion Workshop in American and Comparative Politics

The 2022 Winant Visiting Professor of American Government, Nazita Lajevardi, is hosting this workshop on Political Behaviour and Public Opinion in American and Comparative Politics on 13 May.

The workshop features presentations from social scientists from Oxford, LSE, UCL, Manchester, Essex, and Durham.

For further details and to register to attend, please email nazita@msu.edu

1-1.30pm Coffee and welcoming remarks

1.30-3pm Panel 1

Ria Ivandić, “International Terror Attacks and Local Out-Group Hate”
Judith Spirig, “When There Are No Media Effects: The Case of the Basler Zeitung”
Nicole Martin, “Surplus to requirements? Ethnic minority Leavers after the EU referendum”
Vicente Valentim, “Social Norms and Preference Falsification in a Democracy”
Royce Carroll, “Protecting the ingroup? Authoritarianism, immigration attitudes, and affective polarization”

3-4.30pm Panel 2

Ryan Jablonski, “What politicians don’t know can hurt you: The effects of information on politicians’ spending decisions”
Nelson Ruiz, “Can political fiscal cycles be stopped? Evidence from a public spending ban near elections”
Mads Andreas Elkjær, “Middle-Class Democracy: Economic Inequality and Political Representation in Comparative Perspective”
Marnie Howlett, “Understanding Public Opinion in Ukraine Prior to and Amidst Russia’s Aggression: A Cross-Survey Analysis”
Sumitra Badrinathan, “Religious Messaging Against Covid-19 Misinformation: Experimental Evidence from India”

4.30-6pm Panel 3

Temi Ogunye, “Social norms and informal activism”
Alex Kuo, “Preferences over policies related to workplace digitalization”
Asli Ceren Cinar, “Listen to my Voice and Hear my Policy: The Persistence of Voice Pitch Bias Against Policy Differences”
Neil Visalvanich, “A Candidate Like Me: Ideology, Race, Gender, and Perceptions of Electability”
Nick Dickinson, “Advice Giving and Party Loyalty: an Informational Model for the Socialisation Process of New British MPs”
Nazita Lajevardi, “Fight Not Flight: The Effects of Explicit Racism on Minority Political Engagement”

6pm Wine reception