Racialisation and the Media: From Television to Twitter

In the mid-twentieth century two mutually influencing revolutions took place, one technological and one socio-political; the emergence of television and the advent of the civil rights movement both fundamentally altered American society and the wider world. Today, digital technologies are reshaping social relations, while the renewed visibility of white supremacist activism has precipitated a new and urgent chapter in the long struggle for racial equality.

Over three days from April 20 - April 22 this multidisciplinary virtual conference will bring together scholars from across the humanities and social sciences in conversation with media practitioners outside the academy to explore the intersections of media, technology, and race - past and present. Please join us for an exciting line-up of invited speaker panel discussions, moderated conversations, and roundtables each of which will provide time for audience questions.

For a full programme and to register, please visit the conference webpage.
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Racialisation and the Media poster