RAI|Live with Antony Penrose: 'Lee Miller: Witnessing Women at War'

For Lee Miller, a woman at war was any woman caught up in World War 2. She shot faultless images for Vogue's haute couture in London's bombed out streets. She documented the magnificent work of the WRNS, ATS, the Land Girls, the WRVS and the nurses. She shows us the refugees in Europe, girls accused of collaboration and women forced into slave labour or prostitution and concentration camp victims. Their roles range from bravery to stupidity and from enforced involvement to volunteering. It is told against the background of Lee Miller's own life story which takes her from being a fashion supermodel via life as a surrealist artist to a combat photographer and finally a gourmet cook.

Lee Miller (1907-1977) was an American model, photographer, and war correspondent. Following a successful pre-war career as a model and studio photographer, she went on to cover the Allied invasion of Europe from the front line. She married the Surrealist artist Roland Penrose after the war, moving to Chiddingly in East Sussex, where she regularly entertained many of the period's leading artists.

Antony Penrose is a film maker, photographer, and author. The son of Lee Miller and Roland Penrose, he co-founded the Lee Miller Archives and The Penrose Collection.

More detailed biographies can be found at the Lee Miller Archives.