Social Movements and the American State

civil rights signing

This symposium will be framed by a book manuscript recently completed by Sidney M. Milkis (John Winant Visiting Professor American Government, Rothermere American Institute) and Daniel Tichenor (Philip H. Knight Chair of Social Science, University of Oregon) – Rivalry and Reform: Presidents, Social Movements and the Transformation of American Politics. In four panels across two days, it will consider the relationship between national administrative power and social movements in American politics.

The first day, comprising an evening session to discuss and critique Rivalry and Reform, will be held at Nuffield College.

The three sessions on the second day, addressing 'The American Policy State', 'Immigration and the American State', and 'The Carceral State', will be held at the Rothermere American Institute.

A full programme can be downloaded here.

To register for one or both days, please email