Oxonian Review Seminar: A Conversation with Rachel Aviv

Strangers to Ourselves: A Conversation with Rachel Aviv, staff writer at The New Yorker

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This is the first instalment of a seminar series being put on by the RAI in partnership with The Oxonian Review.

Join The Oxonian Review for a discussion with Rachel Aviv about her widely anticipated new book Strangers to Ourselves: Stories of Unsettled Minds (available for pre-order here).

‘Drawing on deep, original reporting as well as unpublished journals and memoirs, Aviv writes about people who have come up against the limits of psychiatric explanations for who they are. She follows an Indian woman, celebrated as a saint, who lives in healing temples in Kerala; an incarcerated mother vying for her children’s forgiveness after recovering from psychosis; a man who devotes his life to seeking revenge upon his psychoanalysts; and an affluent young woman who, after a decade of defining herself through her diagnosis, decides to go off her meds because she doesn’t know who she is without them. Animated by a profound sense of empathy, Aviv’s exploration is refracted through her own account of living in a hospital ward at the age of six and meeting a fellow patient with whom her life runs parallel—until it no longer does.’

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Meeting details
Time: Oct 17, 2022 05:00 PM London
Meeting ID: 871 6311 2631
Passcode: 293012