The Future of the Republican Party

To discuss the future of the Republican Party and the conservative movement, we are delighted to welcome long-time Republican staffer turned 2016 Independent Presidential candidate Evan McMullin, one of conservativism’s most distinguished scholars, Professor Donald Critchlow, and the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin. Each member of the panel has a long association with Republican Party politics and the conservative movement, and we look forward to hearing their unique perspective about what the future holds in store for the Republican Party.



Evan McMullin was an independent candidate in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. A registered Republican until 2016, he previously worked for the Central Intelligence Agency, was a senior advisor on national security issues for the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and chief policy director for the House Republican Caucus. He is currently the Executive Director of Stand Up Republic.

Donald T. Critchlow is the Katzin Family Foundation Professor at Arizona State University. One of the most distinguished scholars of American conservativism, he had published over twenty-five books including The Conservative Ascendancy, Republican Character From Nixon to Reagan, Future Right, and, most recently, In Defence of Populism.

Jennifer Rubin is an opinion columnist at the Washington Post. She was previously the editor of the Washington Post’s ‘Right Turn’ blog. Rubin has also worked for Commentary, Human Events, and the Weekly Standard. Previously a self-described ‘conservative opinion writer’ she renounced this title in September 2020, writing ‘there is no conservative movement or party today’.

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