The U.S. Midterm Elections: Implications for Immigration Law and Policy

RAI Special Seminar.

Professor Stephen Meili writes and teaches about the rights of noncitizens, particularly those seeking asylum. His work often takes a comparative approach: his two most recent publications analyze the constitutionalization of human rights law in the European Union and in Ecuador. His other recent publications include a comparative study of the detention of asylum-seekers in the US and the UK, the right not to hold a political opinion as the basis for asylum, and a human rights-based analysis of US refugee resettlement policy. He has published empirical studies on the impact of human rights treaties on asylum jurisprudence in Canada and the UK. His current research concerns the constitutionalization of human rights law in Mexico and its impact on refugees fleeing persecution in Central America. His past work has been funded by grants from the National Science Foundation and the Robina Foundation.

A sandwich lunch will be provided.