Rachel Malkin

My most recent research explores the ways in which ideas of the ordinary, common, and experiential provide a basis for an American aesthetic and philosophical position that shades into a politics. My last project addressed the work of Stanley Cavell, as well as modernist poetry and contemporary fiction, and suggested that the 'ordinary turn' might reflect investments grounded in a peculiarly American (and timebound) context.

Current interests include changes in the register of optimism in contemporary American writing, the inheritance of the 1930s and 1960s in fiction, the mid-C20th avant-garde, and themes of ordinariness, existentialism, and Emersonianism in American film.



  • 'Public Desires, Private Desires: The Satisfactions of Stevens and Stanley Cavell', The Wallace Stevens Journal, 36.1 (Spring 2012).

Book chapters:

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