Rebecca Bradburn

D.Phil. in English

Originally from the North-East, I read English at Christ’s College, Cambridge (2016-9), before completing my MSt in English (1900-Present) at Lincoln College, Oxford in 2020. After a brief stint as an SEN intervention teacher, I have just taken up the offer of a DPhil at St John’s College, Oxford, funded by the Oxford-Drue Heinz-St John’s scholarship. My research examines the manner in which popular music forms a fundamental - as opposed to derivative - refrain of mid-century American poetics, focusing on the work of Marianne Moore, Elizabeth Bishop, Langston Hughes and Cecil Taylor. Considering jazz, blues and hip-hop, I assess the way in which music becomes both subject and metaphor, a multimedia interaction which complicates the boundary between page and record sleeve. Outside these blues-y interests in sounds studies, I am passionate about accessible education and outreach to higher education.

‘‘‘On the Fly-Leaf”: Basil Bunting and the (Peri)Textual Condition’, Oxford Research in English, 12 (July 2021), 1-22.
‘“turn to the letter M” – Indexing and the Science of Assorting in Marianne Moore's Observations’, The Indexer, 39.2 (June 2021), 127–150.

Twitter: @RBradburn98