Tom Cutterham and David Sehat in conversation

Tom Cutterham

In the latest edition of his Mindpop podcast - 'A Conservative Revolution', the RAI's Winant Visiting Professor of American Government, David Sehat, interviews Tom Cutterham (left), Lecturer in United States History at the University of Birmingham. Cutterham completed his doctorate in American hisory at the RAI in 2013. 

At a moment of conservative dominance, Cutterham talks about the conservative impulses in the American Revolution. What was the impetus behind the American Revolution? Why were the revolutionaries who set up American institutions so concerned to protect property? What political implications does the founding moment have for today? Sehat and Cutterham work through the past and the present of American politics and, along the way,  discuss what radical political change would actually mean. Listen to the podcast here and see all the RAI's podcasts here.

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